Unexpected By: P.F Citizen One

NefretitiM: Tonight on Literary Links we have P.F. Citizen One author of Unexpected.  Thank you for joining us.  If you had to describe your book in three sentences; what would they be?

P.F Citizen One: Unexpected is a collection of true life short stories from my travels around the world and the people I have met. The book features seven thought-provoking, humorous and engaging stories that end with the most unlikely twist.

NefretitiM: What was the inspiration for the selection of short stories? Why did you decide on this instead of one continuous novel?

P.F Citizen One: I have learned a lot about life from listening and being kind to people, as well as from stories others have shared with me. I actively listen, and often feel like I’ve heard these stories many times before, until I realize that each story is unexpected and instructive. These experiences have inspired me to write.

I wanted to write the type of stories that I would enjoy reading: true life stories. Short stories.  At first, you feel like you’ve heard these stories many times before, until you read the ending. This is true life—unexpected.

NefretitiM: Can you tell us about one of these story?

P.F Citizen One: In one of the stories, The Wedding Contract, a man who was forced to sign a pre-nuptial agreement simply because his wife was wealthy and he was considered poor. As time went on, fortunes changed and the man became far wealthier than his wife. His wife and friends dreaded the worst from him because of his new financial position but what he did next was shocking.

NefretitiM: Where can readers keep up with you and your writing?

P.F Citizen One: You can keep up with me through my website or my Facebook page:

Website: http://c1unexpected.com/

Facebook page: Unexpected by Citizen ONE

NefretitiM:  Thank you for joining us today.  Get your copy of Unexpected @




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