Quick Tips For Promoting A Self-Published Book Via Social Media By: Stephen Ball

Quick Tips For Promoting A Self-Published Book Via Social Media

The resources and exposure traditional publishing houses yield is something that the self-published author will never have access to.  If you are thinking about publishing on your own you need to consider how you will promote yourself or hire someone to promote you.  Promoting a self-published book takes a lot of patience and hard work.  However, there are some things that can make it easier and one of them is social media.  There are certain quick tips that you should look at when you use social media to promote your book.

Connect With Other Authors

It is very hard for the self-published author to stand on their own regardless of how good your book is.  Connecting with other authors is as important as connecting with your fans as they want to be recognized just as much as you do.  This would mean that they are willing to promote your book if you promote theirs in return.

Social media is a great gathering ground for authors and aspiring authors.  You could join a writing community on Facebook and build a network.  You may be surprised with how many new things you could be learning from your fellow authors.  These communities will also expose you to fans and the best avenues of self-promotion.

Offer The Occasional Free Download

An old trick of the writing trade is to give promotional material away for free.  Social media gives you access to an audience which is needed for the successful launch of promotion for your book.  You can offer your followers the chance to download your book only for a limited amount of time.

It is important that you not offer only part of the book which authors sometimes do.  By sharing the entire book you allow the fans to see if they like it.  If they like your book they are more likely to share it with friends, which allows you to reach more people.  Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing offers a program where you earn from the book when it is shared on the Kindle platform.

If you have more than one book published you can consider making one of them free forever.  You should ensure that it is one of the better older books because it will work as the gateway to your other books.  The free book allows readers to determine your skills and whether or not they want to read more.  If they do, they will purchase your other newer books.

Pay For Advertising But Not Too Often

Almost all social media platforms allow you to promote a post and other tools allow you to increase follower numbers.  Promoting the post will increase the exposure and allow users who have not seen it to see it.  If you are promoting your book paid social network advertising is important as it helps you get the word out there about the book.

However, you need to be careful to not overdo this.  It is generally more important to keep your profile active by consistently posting new content.  You should never try promoting all of your content because it will cost too much.  The non-promoted posts will still reach your fans and they are likely to share them with their friends, which is promotion without spending anything.

Participating In Writing Trends

A great opportunity to promote your book is to participate in writing trends such as the National Novel Writing Month.  These events will often set social networks buzzing and you should get in on the noise.  It is important that you find a way to relate the event to the book that you have just produced.

Do Not Just Talk About The Book

When you promote yourself on social media you must not spam feeds with giveaways and promos.  Social media is a tool that allows authors to connect with their fans in a way that would never have happened in the past.  If you only use social media to promote your new book people are less likely to care about what you are writing.  However, if you connect with the fans they will be more likely to care about what you have written.

It is very important that you do not appear to spam people with promotions.  Your fans need to care about you as the author as well as the book you have written.


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