Our Gracious Queen By: Queen of the May

Eleanor spent the first few days of her marriage in almost constant motion.

Considering her days were consumed with going through each room of the palace, sizing up the amount of work required to clean and modernize, and how her nights were taken up by vigorous sex with the king, she was surprised by how energetic she felt when she got up each morning. She had goals, and great resolve to achieve them all, and her natural drive to succeed kept her from ever becoming overtired. As it were, she had no time for homesickness. There was no time for crying or regret—there was so much work to do.

The only annoyance in her life were her ladies—particularly Lady Harriet—who reminded her regularly that her first goal was produce an heir to the throne, regardless of how clean the palace was. But that took nine months, and in the meantime she wanted to see to it that any child she bore would be living in a clean, comfortable and cheerful home……

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