Rude Boy USA By: Victoria Bolton

NefretitiM: Today on Literary Links we have Victoria Bolton author of Rude Boy USA.   Thank you for joining us today.  So tell us Ms. Bolton what inspired you to write this book?

Victoria Bolton: When I am in a creative mood, I pull inspiration from things around me. A concert gave me the initial idea to start the book. The concept was perfect. I saw a retired Knicks point guard at a function, one that I had a crush on for many years and decided to mold a character after him, because he fit perfectly. I pulled from myself and made the female protagonist with parts of my characteristics. I love New York, and the history of the city made the story go from ordinary to stand out.

NefretitiM: Interesting.  How did you come up with the title?

Victoria Bolton: I was going to use the title Rude Boy, but I discovered that there were books and songs with that title. Since this is a USA based story, I just decided to add USA to the title, and it ended up flowing nicely.

NefretitiM: What genre does this book to fit into?

Victoria Bolton: Historical Crime Fiction. When I started writing, I had no idea it would end up in this category. I just wanted to write a good story.

NefretitiM: What influenced your interest in writing?

Victoria Bolton: I started writing at eighteen as something to scratch off my list of things to accomplish before I die. I wrote little stories in grade school and made pretend books, but I wanted to have something that was published. I took a fifteen-year break from writing because I wanted to live life a little. I figured that if I saw the world, I could have stories that I can tell. Spending a lot of that time in New York changed my life for the better and the urge to write returned.

NefretitiM: There is something very inspiring about writing a story set in NY.  I can definitely relate to that.  What is the writing process like for you?

Victoria Bolton: It is stressful when I am trying to come up with a solid plot and timeline before I start typing the story. It gets much easier once I know the direction the story is supposed to take. If I am in a zone, writing a book can take eight weeks, but I have to be very focused to do that. Once that is finished, the editing could take another two to three months. The entire Rude Boy USA series from start to finish took me one year.

NefretitiM: Wait there’s more to come.  Nice I’ll be keeping us with the series.  What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Victoria Bolton: I am a quiet homebody, so I enjoy good television shows. I do go out sometimes, and I like watching sports so I go to basketball and football games. Football season is upon us, and I am so excited. I can’t play any sports but watching them gives me enjoyment.

NefretitiM: Nice.  What tips or words of encouragement do you have for other writers?

Victoria Bolton: If you are in the beginning stages of your books, start by taking notes and jotting down ideas. You do not have to finish a novel at first sitting, it’s unrealistic. My books start with small ideas. Just keep writing and ignore people who try and discourage you.

NefretitiM: Good advice.  Thank you for joining us today.  Get your copy of Rude Boy USA today @ or



About The Author

Writer Victoria Bolton lives in New York. A graduate of the College of Westchester, she works as a computer technician in schools and as a part-time actress. Bolton previously released the books in the Rude Boy USA series (Rude Boy USA Series Volume 1), BunnyWine (Rude Boy USA Series Volume 2) The final book in the series The Tide is High will be released in September.

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