Dirty Laundry: From the Streets to an Executive One Man’s Forty Year Journey By: Ivan Von Baublitz

NefretitiM: Today on Literary Links we have Ivan Von Baublitz author of;  ‘Dirty Laundry: From the Streets to an Executive One Man’s Forty Year Journey’.  So Ivan tell us what inspired you to write this book?

Ivan Von Baublitz: After carrying around so much Dirty Laundry I just had to let it out.

NefretitiM: How did you come up with the title?

Ivan Von Baublitz: Well we all have a past and some of it has some really deep secrets. My parents worked in a Senior Citizens home and my mom did laundry. So logically the two combined and here we are Dirty Laundry. I added the subtitle to separate myself from the ton of romance titles with the same name…LOL…and to paint a picture on the cover of the journey I had endured.

NefretitiM: Wow sounds intriguing.  What genre does this book to fit into?

Ivan Von Baublitz: It’s a creative autobiography. I used Richard Nixon as a motif to help me through the process, so creative nonfiction maybe? How about a Creative Nonfiction Biography, I like the ring of that.

NefretitiM:  Me too. What influenced your interest in writing?

Ivan Von Baublitz: I love to create and this was a medium that I hadn’t tested. My whole life I was a reader as the book points out but because I never went to a high school I missed out on a lot of critique and influence to help me with the craft. So, I just winged it gave it my best, the prose isn’t Hemmingway but the story is what makes it unique. Since I wasn’t a “writer” I wrote to my audience, ya know the kid sitting in his room, questioning life. He or She can read it and it will make sense, I didn’t write it for any other reason but to possibly spark that kids interest in understanding that he has something others might not see, but it’s there he just needs to find it, and through will power he or she will!

NefretitiM: What is the writing process like for you?

Good question, I had so many stories from the past that I finally sat down and just did a time line and stuck to it. Since my memories go back to three possibly four I had to make sure that I was as accurate as possible. This took a lot of writing out scenes over the years. Collectively I have been writing this for over ten years in snapshots. I finally just glued them all together and it fell into place, with discipline of course. Of course I couldn’t write everything that’s for the next volume!

NefretitiM: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Ivan Von Baublitz: My kids are my life but I love the open air and the outdoors. I like to unplug from all the technology and just live the old fashioned way. Society is in a rut and at least with nature I find continuity.

NefretitiM: I know what you mean.  What tips or words of encouragement do you have for other writers?

Ivan Von Baublitz: If you try you can never fail because in the end you can say you did it! Write for you and that is the reward, you have won, you can be proud, and it just may set you free. Life is Art express yourself.

NefretitiM: Nice answer.  Much Success to you Ivan, and thank you for joining us. Get your copy of ‘Dirty Laundry: From the Streets to an Executive One Man’s Forty Year Journey’ @ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01ITYE7O8.



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