The Rabbit Hole By: Amiya Powell

NefretitiM:  Today on Literary Links we have the pleasure of interviewing Amiya Powell author of ‘The Rabbit Hole’.   Ms. Powell tell us about ‘The Rabbit Hole”

Amiya Powell: MK Ultra, the CIA’s mind control program is not the stuff of conspiracy theories, but a documented research project that went on for decades.
Any of us could be subjects of a government experiment this very moment and have no idea. I find that both terrifying and fascinating.

NefretitiM: How did you come up with the title?

Amiya Powell: The Rabbit Hole: An Erotic Tale is an urban deconstruction of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, one of my favorite books. Identity, existentialism, and the illusion of reality are examined through the scope of sexuality and relationships. No talking cats or shrinking women, but the inspiration will be clear to readers, along with some cleverly placed Easter Eggs as homage to the iconic tale.

NefretitiM:  What genre does this book to fit into?

Amiya Powell: Sci-rotica. Is that a thing? Have Science Fiction and Erotica been officially melded into a single word yet?

NefretitiM:  What influenced your interest in writing?

Amiya Powell: The desire to entertain, amuse, and provoke.

NefretitiM: What is the writing process like for you?

Amiya Powell: Like doing a bag of blow- the good and the bad.

NefretitiM: Well Ms. Powell you are certainly full of surprises, but I like. What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Amiya Powell: Not cocaine anymore, that’s for sure.

NefretitiM: Do you have any words of encouragement for other writers?

Amiya Powell: Free your mind. Let it roam as it does in dreams.

NefretitiM: Well said!  Thank you for joining us today Ms. Powell.  Much success to you! Perhaps we will do this again for your next book.

Get you copy of ‘The Rabbit Hole’ @



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