Destiny By: Ramona L. Mejia

NefretitiM: What inspired you to write Destiny?

Ramona L. Mejia: I was walking past my China cabinet which was filled with Barbie dolls and paused to admire one from Mattel’s “Diva” collection (who was striking a fabulous pose!); on another shelf stood a Ken doll proudly dressed like an NYPD officer. I thought to myself: how in the world could two people from such different worlds ever meet? And an idea began to formulate in my mind…

NefretitiM: Can you explain what your readers can expect to read in Destiny?

Ramona L. Mejia: Destiny is a love story about the two primary characters, of course, but it’s also a story about the love one man has for the God he serves and the things he values and believes in. It’s a story about the age-old challenges of darkness and light and whether or not love can truly conquer all.

NefretitiM: Who is Ramona L. Mejia?

Ramona L. Mejia: An avid Barbie doll collector (I own nearly 200 of them), a lover of: 70’s light music, Italian food, Broadway theater, classical ballet and romance novels—especially the historical genre (been reading them since I was a pre-tween).

NefretitiM: Who is your favorite character in Destiny, and why?

Ramona L. Mejia: Hands down, my favorite character is Chelsea Bryant, Destiny’s personal assistant. When I created her, I envisioned actress Wanda Sykes! She’s feisty and funny and not afraid to stand up to the diva she works for. Plus, she’s got a big heart. Being Destiny’s assistant is more than just a job to Chelsea, she truly cares about the welfare of the family as a whole.

NefretitiM: What has Destiny taught you?

Ramona L. Mejia: That some things in life truly are preordained and a mystery and when something is meant for you, there is a season, an appointed time and place, that the desire of your heart will be fulfilled.

NefretitiM: What are your next projects? Where can your fans follow you?

Ramona L. Mejia: Great question! I am considering writing a sequel to Destiny, but in the meantime, fans can follow me on Facebook: Ramona L. Mejia, Author.

NefretitiM: Nice. Much success to you and I will certainly like to have you back for the sequel. Get you copy of Destiny @ &






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