Beer, Applejuice and a Sterile Sample By: M D Finley, B.A.Sc

NefretitiM: Today on Literary Links we have M. D Finley author of Beer, Applejuice and a Sterile Sample.  What inspired you to write this book?

M.D Finley: I was drinking an ice-cold glass of beer, observing the air bubbles stream from the bottom of the glass to the foamy head.  As I watched this, my one-year old toddled in the room with a Sippy cup of filled with apple juice. Savoring my beer, I wasn’t going to give it a second thought, until I caught a glimpse of the bubbles and the color of the juice.

That’s when a thought struck me:  Apple juice and beer look an awful lot alike. What a neat prank to pull on someone next April’s Fool Day: replace all the beer at the party with apple juice! No one would know the difference until that ill-fated first taste. Then I thought further. If there were three identical glasses filled to the same level with the same colored liquid, could I readily tell the difference between those 3 cups?

Taking it even further…let’s suppose that those three cups were filled beer, urine and apple juice. What if the obvious way to tell the difference between the three was denied to you—you could not smell them and you could not taste them? With no sense of smell, and obviously not wanting to taste the contents of the cups, what test would you perform? What “tell-tale signs” would you look for?

For this reason, I decided to publish my second book, Beer, Applejuice & a Sterile-Sample. It’s purpose is to help individuals predict the probable intentions of others, through eight quick, simple techniques.

NefretitiM: What genre does this book to fit into?

M.D Finley: Self help; psychology; relationships

NefretitiM: What influenced your interest in writing?

M.D Finley: My own personal growth and struggles; a desire to help other people

NefretitiM: What is the writing process like for you?

M.D Finley: I get moments of inspiration followed by fierce sessions of writing

NefretitiM: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

M.D Finley: I enjoy gardening, drawing, photography and meditation

NefretitiM: What tips or words of encouragement do you have for other writers?

M.D Finley:  Just start–write anything! The inspiration will come when you’re not looking for it.

NefretitiM: Great advice. Thank you for joining us today.  Get Your COPY of Beer, Applejuice and a Sterile Sample.



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