#3 Metergirl: How I lost 3 Metres of Fat and Got Off the Roller Coaster of Dieting By: Rae Graham

Would you believe I have had over 73,000 negative thoughts about my body, how much I weighed and what I looked like?
Are you sick of riding the dieting roller coaster and want to finally say goodbye to those dreaded scales?

For more than 25 years, Rae like many people around the world has battled the bulge! She is a hard-working, single mum that has ridden numerous dietary roller coasters, working hard to lose the kilos, only to see them return with interest the moment she relaxed her many and often torturous regimes.

That was until June 2015 when she stepped off the scales and started counting centimeters lost instead of kilograms.

She has lost over 3 metres in 20 weeks and is now known as the #3metregirl.

Incredibly, the bathroom scales which were once a source of significant personal grief have been discarded, along with most of her wardrobe.

Finally a book that has been written by a women that has ridden every diet roller coaster! Read her inspirational story of how she finally stepped off the roller coaster using 3 amazing products from XLR



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